Why Do I Need a Website When I Have Social Media?

5 Reasons You Still Need a Website in a Social Media Age

In a time when so much focus is on social media it may be easy to view a website as an outdated or perhaps even unnecessary tool in business.  This could not be further from the truth.

5. IT’S ON YOUR TERMS – Social media platforms are a great way to get people to your website, but are not a substitute for a website.  When you use a social media site, you participate on their terms to help that site reach their business goals instead of goals that are exclusively your own. You may be subjected to false reviews that are negative, or customer generated content or images that can make your business look bad.  You definitely need to use social media sites to promote your business; however, should a platform where you do not control the narrative be the basket in which you put all of your eggs?

4. UNLIMITED ROOM – Websites give you all the room you want to explain your product or service.  Social media platforms are very useful in marketing; however, nothing gives you the ability to lay out your information in as clear or conscious way as a website does. Don’t believe me?  Check out your Facebook newsfeed.  You’ll have trouble finding any business explaining what they do in more than a few lines of text.

3. YOU OWN IT – While it may seem weird to think about, if you have a website for your business, then you own it.  Why is that important? Unless you’re an heir to the Zuckerberg family, then all of your content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms do not belong to you.  Changes in social media algorithms may cause your business to drop off the map and out of the newsfeed. Usually this is an intentional effort to force you into spending money advertising on the platforms you use. Having your own website puts you in 100% control.  Your website will always be ready to represent your business or organization.

2. WEBSITES ARE A HOME BASE – As you use various social platforms and other marketing tools to spread your message, they need a home base.  It is important to have a central location to receive all your potential clients.  A quality website is the best way to get all of the important information about your business or organization in one place.

1. SEARCH ENGINES LOVE WEBSITES Without a website, people will never find you!  Search is still the number one driver of leads into most businesses. Just think of it- when you need something fast, do you go to Facebook or do you go to Google? You must have a website that clearly explains what your services are which will show up in a Google Search.

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