Considering Website Re-design

Thinking About a Website Re-design?

Here are 4 considerations for re-designing a site:

1.  Define and understand your brand.  

Take a look at your old website.  Is it in alignment with your brand?  It is important that your overall image is represented throughout the website.  This may require re-writing content, and creating new photo and video for the site.

2.  What do you want it to do?

What is the purpose of your site?  Do you want it to funnel traffic to product sales?  Do you want it to be a point of contact with potential clients?  Do you want it to simply provide information brochure-style, in order to direct physical traffic to your location?  Your answers to these questions will direct you to the type of website that your business needs for success.

3.  How do you want to convey your message?  

The human brain is highly receptive to visual imagery.  Just as you would take a first impression based on body language in the first few seconds of meeting someone, customers will make judgements based on what they first see on the site.  If you want to evoke a particular feeling, consider what photo and video can do to convey that message where a written “about” page simply cannot.  How much work do you want to put into it?

4.  How much work do you want to put into your site?  

After you have decided what type of website will best fit your business, and what should be included to align with your brand, then you will understand how much work and money you’ll want to put into it.  You may not want to maintain the website by writing content each week.  Or, perhaps you might decide to gather photos and video upfront for scheduled release.  If you create graphics in-house, do they align with the size and scale of the site across all platforms?  You can decide how much you want to do to create and maintain the website, and how much you want to outsource, based on your company’s energy flow.

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