Benefits of Starting a Podcast



Do you currently have a podcast, or have you ever considered starting a podcast?  Podcasting is a fantastic business tool in the current digital, marketing climate.  Here are a few reasons why maintaining a podcast can benefit your business or organization:

      1.  It helps you reach a new audience that you may not connect with otherwise through social media.

Many people enjoy listening to podcasts, commonly while driving or doing chores.  Additionally, podcasts involve a different type of communication (audio) than the image-driven communication style typical of standard social media avenues.  This alone allows you to dive into topics with great depth to reach your audience on another level.  You can also enhance your podcast by taking the wonderful opportunity to interview experts in your field to inspire your clientele.

 2.  It is cost effective.

Podcasting is a very cost effective marketing tool.  At minimum, you simply need a microphone and basic audio processing applications.  If you take the time to speak to your audience on a regular basis, the benefits can roll in tenfold.

 3.  It can generate its own revenue.

Even though podcasts are free to listen on iTunes, you can connect with other companies to sponsor your podcast.  This is a great way to generate revenue with a simple announcement in the midst of product and service promotion.

 4.  There is an SEO benefit to podcasting.

iTunes is a PageRank One Website, meaning that the written words used within the podcast app are of great value within Google searches.  With this in consideration, make sure to be thoughtful when coming up with podcast titles and descriptions in the show notes.